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Specialist Consulting S.R.L.

In 2006, we successfully managed to enter the consulting services market and we are proud to say that 2014 was a year of challenges undertaken by the SPECIALIST team. With the experience gained in projects and the development of strategic partnerships, our contribution has become significant in the field of design and consulting services.

SPECIALIST Consulting is open for both public authorities and private companies.

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About us

Our company supports sustainable development in Romania and takes active part in construction and modernization projects meant to enhance quality of life for the Romanian people.

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Our Team

The SPECIALIST Consulting team has been carefully selected to meet the most particular requirements. We have chosen to mix experience with dynamism and thus the Specialist team includes experienced employees and young professionals, well trained in Romania and abroad.

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We use the newest and most performing programs such as: Civil CAD, Advenced Road Design, MOSS (MX), MathCAD, ROBOT Millenium, AutoCAD etc and the preparation of a project is closely dependent on their performance.